Classic Rock… Done RIGHT!

Michelle Denton

Michelle Denton

Lead Vocals, Harmonica & Percussion

Michelle has been singing since the age of 3 and has been in many bands throughout the years. She started her professional music career in Jacksonville FL and toured the US in those early years with her band, Spoiled Brat, opening for many major bands. During this time she also had a successful voice-over career singing commercial jingles, which eventually landed her in Los Angeles. Shortly after arriving in LA, she was surprised to learn “mom” was in her very near future, so she took a job in the record industry at BMG in Beverly Hills, and put her music career on hold to raise her family.

In 2005 Michelle decided to come back home to the East Coast and lucky for us, she picked the Charleston area. Michelle is back doing what what she LOVES and excels at…..singing and entertaining the masses and these days, she rocks the favorites from her niche genre….70’s and 80’s CLASSIC ROCK!


(843) 810-4564